Baekhyun dating seulgi

But seulgi is a precious bear how could they say that ㅠㅠ i doubt baekhyun and seulgi actually dated and this is probably only the views of a small group of extreme chinese netizens foreign fans, specifically chinese fans, can get a little out of hand especially the chinese exo-ls. K-pop is full of conspiracy theories, but one of the wildest ones claims that girls’ generation‘s taeyeon and exo‘s baekhyun‘s relationship was about as real as this fan-created couple photo.

A2a well, i’m no one to comment about how true is their relationship or on their private lives for that matter but i’ll just state what i think i think it is true because after the baekhyun/taeyeon scandal happened, they received a lot of hate. My heart is aching,thou i support baekhyun a they are datig 4 months ago :.

[update] it's official sm confirmed that snsd's taeyeon and exo's baekhyun are currently dating congrats to the couple and please support them both. Baekhyun dating seulgi june 17, 2018 they appear to have couple clothes but it could easily be a coincidence), he never stated anything so well never know but lets be real here hes beautiful & 23.

I’m going to let my twitter self out on here for a moment to the people in the past answers: yall need to be woke kai and krystal’s relationship was literally confirmed like a decade ago, and baekhyun and taeyeon confirmed their relationship and broke up. Seulgi-baekhyun-taeyeon dating scandal has baekhyun in 2013 dated two kpop girls simultaneous seulgi and baekyun being cutes seulgi - a pretty girl taeyeon + baekhyun dating also in 2013 later. One of the things she mentions is that seulgi and baekhyun audition together however, we know that seulgi immediately got into sm while baekhyun is known to have failed his audition until an sm manager scouted him much later. 140830 exo「dance battle〜xoxo」special edit from exoplanet#1 - the lost planet in guangzhou - duration: 6:22 xoxo_xoxo|exoch 1,263,141 views.

  • Seulgi entered sm in 2007, she treined for 7 years before the debut and according to the text she stared dating baekhyun in 2009/10 they didn’t even knew each other back then in the text they dated when baekhyun was 17 and seulgi 15.

Baekhyun & seulgi auditioned together in 2007seulgi got in but baek didn't then he again auditioned in 2011 & that's when he got in and my poor baby seulgi be rotting for 4 yrs inside sm by. Byun baekhyun is seulgi's older brother's best friend who was a music major at her university and who liked to hang out at her house a bit too much when they met she had always found him very funny and cute but also manly because of his raspy voice but that was it.

Baekhyun dating seulgi
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