Can you hook up two combo amps together

How to strap two amps together, double your power for this how-to, i’m going to use the dc audio 75k for the most part, “strapping” – aka ‘bridging’ – two amps together is done to get double the @1ohm power rating of one amp. The best you can do is play your signal through two rigs at once, which can be accomplished several ways, but unless you have a specific sound you are looking for (like the rick-o-sound feeding the bridge pickup to a guitar amp), it's rarely worth the hassle. The only thing i left out was the remote turn on wire but in case that's not common since to you: split it in 2 and put one end to one amp and the other end to the other amp, or u can also daisy.

You have two amps and you like them both for different reasons while you’ve tried using pedals to get all your clean, crunchy, and overdriven sounds with just one amp, you can’t seem to dial up a crunch sound that’s as good as what you can get from your second amp. You can purchase these cables anywhere music instruments or audio connectors and adaptors are sold connect a ¼-inch instrument cable into each amplifiers ¼-inch input jack connect the ¼-inch instrument cables from each amp into a ¼-inch female end of the y-cable. The hazards involved when running multiple amplifiers together can be potentially life-threatening, so when in doubt, don't hesitate to call a local professional for assistance in setting up your multi-amp rig.

So, you can use that pedal to plug your guitar into two different amps this is what el ten eleven do they use a pedal like that (i think it is a delay one) and they plug the bass/guitar to a bass amp and a guitar amp. If you did it like that, you would control each amp absolutely independantly, which may be good or bad, depending on what you want with the method i suggested you could have tone control over the whole rig at one amp. Hello all, up until the weekend i owned two amps, a cornford hellcat and a wem westminster, both hardwired valve amps i found myself in the guitar shop over the weekend and remembered reading the jazz guitar amps section here when i saw some roland cube amps.

I used to use two amps with an a-b-y pedal which allowed me to use one or the other or both one amp was a very clean solid state amp and the other a tube amp that had wonderful distortion.

Does anyone know if i can i connect the two amps together using this or do i need to buy something else to do it thanks 12-10-2008, 12:22 pm #2 m78w view profile view forum posts private message visit homepage administrator join date feb 2008 location tucson, arizona. When you hook up more than one speaker to an amp, there are two ways they can be arranged: in series, or in parallel series means chaining the cabinets together one to the next parallel means sending one output of the bass amp head to one cabinet and a second output from the head to another cabinet.

I have two different amps at the moment a line 6 spider iii 15w and a marshall mg30dfx and i was curious if there is a way to connect them together to get a different sound or is that just rediculous.

Can you hook up two combo amps together
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